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Past projects completed by the partners of Third Circle Media include the following:

NewYou-2New You

Founded in 2009, New You magazine continues to be published as the premier national magazine on beauty and anti-aging.


Founded in 2007, Atmosphere continues to be published as in-flight magazine of Montreal-based Air Transat, Canada’s second largest airline.

ChinaTrade1China Trade

Published in 2005-2006, China Trade was the leading magazine on trade between the U.S. and China.

LatinCEO2Latin CEO

Latin CEO magazine was launched in 2000 with Gustavos Cisneros on the cover. It was sold in 2004 to a Colombian investment group.

South FloridaCEO1South FloridaCEO

Originally published in 1999 as Miami Business magazine, South FloridaCEO was sold in 2004 and was subsequently retitled Business Leaders magazine.

LatinTrade1Latin Trade

Latin Trade magazine was launched in 1992 and later sold to Freedom Communications Group, then the 13th largest media group in the U.S.